We are Association pour l’Union des Rézo des Résidences Etudiantes (Aurore). Aurore organization was created on May 29th 2000. On March 6th 2019, Eminet, Pac@net and Flemnet were disolved and merged with Aurore. Nowadays, we are providing Internet at 5 dormatories in the CROUS of Versailles.

By opening a ticket

You can open a ticket on our intranet by follwing this link: We recommend using this mean of contact for a connection problem, an user account problem or a payment problem.

Via email

Administrative Council :

Technical support :

Treasury :

Via Matrix

Matrix is an open and federated chat protocol. You may join a support room dedicated to help members by follwing this link :

QRcode to support chan on matrix

Via Discord

Discord is a proprietary instant chat software. Some of our Matrix channels are bridged with our Discord server.

Follow this link to join our Discord server:


Internal rules

Official Aurore website :

Publicator director : Aurore’s board (horizontality of the leaders)

Head office :

Résidence universitaire les jardins de Fleming
21, rue André Maginot
91400 Orsay
SIRET : 844 681 601 00028

Aurore is registered to the RIPE as AS43619.