Welcome to Aurore

Aurore is a non-profit organization managed by students of the Paris-Saclay University. We strive to provide high-speed wired and Wi-Fi Internet coverage to students for 50€ per year, as well as access to many web services.

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With the support of: CROUS Versailles Paris-Saclay University

The services

that we provide to our members

Wired Internet

1Gb/s symetric bandwidth with IPv6 support

Wi-Fi coverage

Wi-Fi in 5 CROUS dormatories and FedeRez Wi-Fi


Life-time 30Go cloud storage


Simple and easy video-conferencing


Software development platform

Matrix server

Secure and federated instant messaging


RSS feed reader


Collaborative document editor in Markdown


Collaborative note taking


Secure text sharing


Projects tracking tool

These services are hosted at dormatories of the CROUS of Versailles and on a dedicated server at OVH. We are using free software except for the firmwares of our HPE and Ubiquiti machines. We are only collecting data that is required for the operation of the services (we don't sell them!), for our regulatory compliance or for anonymized statistics that are publicly available. We are backuping our services on a regular schedule. Our technical documentation is available at our wiki. If you feel like a service is missing, you can contact us. We are also providing public IPv4 addresses to members paying our Internet connection if you need one.


where Aurore is present

We are also peering with the Crans (ENS Paris-Saclay) et Rezel (Télécom Paris).

Want to help ?

If you want to discover what is happenning behind the scene, whether it is the administrative management of a large-scale organization or the technical management of the infrastructure, you are welcome to join us. There is no particular knowledge required to begin, but if you join us, you will have the opportunity to learn a lot. The easiest way to get started is to contact us. See you soon!