Step 1: Login or create an account

To have Internet you must have an account, be a current member of the association and pay for an Internet connection.

Look out! Do not create a new account if you already have one.

Do not create a second account. Your connection will then not work properly. If you have already been a member of Aurore, you must already have an account. If you forgot your password, go to this page. If you have also forgotten your username, please contact us by email.

If you already have an Aurore account, connect to the intranet with your credentials.

If you don’t have an account, go to the account creation page on the intranet. Fill in the requested information and validate. Aurore is a non-profit organization, you must accept its status, the rules of procedure and their annexes. The validation of this form and the payment of the contribution is valid for membership of the association.

If you don’t have an account nether internet access to register, you can connect to the Wi-Fi Aurore-Inscription and follow the precedent point. This network do not provide internet acces, only an access to our intranet.

Step 2: Pay for your membership and connection

Pay by credit card

If you wish to join for one year, you can pay directly 50€ and get a membership and an Internet connection for one year. If you do not wish to join for one year, then you have to pay 5€ per month of connection (membership is included in the first month of connection).

If you pay by the month, you can charge your balance in the correct amount and then use it to pay the membership and the months. This avoids having to make several bank transactions.

On your profile page click on “Pay for a connection”. Then select the option to pay by card online and select the items.

Please note that you must be a member of the association in order for us to be able to sell you an Internet connection.

By check or cash

Payment by check or cash can be made at one of the following locations: Fleming residence (Flemnetarium in Village 3), Emilie du Châtelet (in the student hall) and at La Pacaterie (in the Info room). Due to the lack of space, there is no office at George Sand and Rives residences. Please send your payment requests by mail to

Step 3: Verification

If all went well, you should see on your profile a green “Connection” indicator indicating that you can now connect your machine to the network.

In the George Sand residence, we share our network with another service provider (Wifirst). This implies that we have to manually connect each new user to allow they to connect via wired Ethernet. This operation can take up to a week and depends on the availability of our technicians. You should see a “Pending connection” message on your profile on the intranet.

You can take advantage of the various services that Aurore offers to its members. The list of services is available on the homepage.